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Long time no come back already (after the course end). Now is the final exam weeks. Gambateh you can do it!


During this class, we all need to apply what we had learn during lectures in team teaching. During team teaching, we all need to think what to teach and how to teach. We all think about want to teach which topic then is that the thinking skill can be integrate significantly? What are the thinking skills that we want to integrate? Taba? Bloom’s taxonomy? Bloom’s revised taxonomy? Meta cognitive reflection? thinking aloud? De Bono’s six thinking hats? After that, we did the lesson plan and think about the way to teach the topic. During the process of team teaching, we found our confident to teach again. When we did our micro teaching, we do not know anything about how to teach but only the methods to teach. This time, we learn about how to carry out a lesson and because of group work, we feel more confident.

During the lectures of education, sometime I think about the ways that I want to teach my students from the things that have been lectured. May be some of you will think something like this: Ar? Day dreaming about your teaching now? You are only second year student and you think how to teach already, too early. You got at least two years again to teach. Play full attention during lecture.

But for me, application is the important part as it help me understand more. For example, during study mathematics, if we do only reading the theories, then we will not understand the concepts of mathematics but if we do it ourself then we can understand the concepts better.

When my friends asked about why I take education as my first choice as I can take many others popular courses for my excellent result. The answer for me is that I love mathematics and my goal is at least my students are good in mathematics, I want them love mathematics too. I know in their mind, the social status of a teacher is  lower than  others like  doctors, dentists,  pharmacists, and lawyer. Then, why am I still choose teaching as my profession.

Meanwhile, when the elder knew that I will be a future teacher, they said that it is a good job as I can get much money by teaching tuition and rich. But that is not my reason to become a student teacher, I want to be a teacher not because of money but because of my will. Besides that, I think a teacher is a good job to change the mind of next generation.

This is my firs English blog and it is a part of my assignments of a course called ‘Educational Thinking skill’. When we knew about we need to do this assignment, we all felt surprised and got many arguments. It is because of this assignment is not listed in course outline and how about the marks. Is that the marks of the other assignments are being deducted or the total marks of the assignments become 80?

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